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MIT/ILP Calendar Event

Intelligent Glasses ? Visuo-tactile Assistance for Visually Impaired Interaction

April 2, 2012, 2-3 PM


Prof. Edwige Pissaloux
Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Host: Seth Teller
Host Affiliation: CSAIL

This talk addresses recent progress on the design of a visuo-tactile
system supporting interaction for visually impaired people (object
recognition and navigation in 3D world).

Two parts of the talk will address the two aspects of this low-cost
highly-portable multimodal assistance design.

In the first part, the design of a tactile display (a Braille surface),
a subsystem based on original shape memory alloy bi-stable micro-
actuators without clamping structures will be presented. The results
of experimental evaluation via simple cognitive tasks (object tactile
perception and recognition, and space integration) will be presented.

In the second part, we address the design of a stereo-vision system
associated with the tactile display. The stereo-vision system generates
a 3D world representation for visually impaired navigation which will
be displayed on the Braille surface. The vision system is meant to be
“the end-user’s eye." Its design is based upon an orthogonal projective
transform of the 3D world (a specific geographic map) augmented by the
pertinent information for visually impaired navigation matched with
data provided by the stereo vision system. A new approach to 2D image
sequence matching combining stereo-vision constraints, flies’ algorithm
and dynamic programming will be presented, along with preliminary
results from navigation within indoor environments.

Current extensions of the Intelligent Glasses in the context of the
European project AsTeRICS (FP7 ICT) will terminate the talk.


Building 32 Map

Building 32, Room D463


For more information please contact: Colleen Russell, 617-253-0145, crussell@csail.mit.edu