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Conference Details - Agenda

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2014 MIT Information and Communication Technologies Conference

April 23-24, 2014


Registration and Continental Breakfast


Welcome and Introduction


Opening Keynote: Meeting The Privacy Challenge

As public policymakers work to address the benefits and risks of the emerging data-driven society and the global reaction to NSA disclosures, privacy and trust have come into the spotlight. I will discuss the role of technology in protecting privacy and building trust, and review work going on at MIT on privacy-protecting technologies.

"Missed Connections: Talking with Europe About Data, Privacy, and Surveillance After Snowden,"


TechTank Post:

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Keynote: Connecting Patients, Providers, and Payers

2014 is a pivotal year for healthcare IT with new regulations such as ICD10, Meaningful Use Stage 2, HIPAA Omnibus Rule, and the Affordable Care Act driving the agenda of most healthcare IT departments. We'll review the key national, regional and local projects that improve quality, safety, and efficiency with healthcare IT, all within the environment of shrinking resources and increasing demand for automation.




Startup Talks: Akselos, Holosonics

Big Data has revolutionized market analysis. Akselos brings the ideas of Big Data into the realm of engineering design software. This leads to better product designs and improved operations, increasing revenues and reducing costs. The Akselos platform is a cloud-based simulation community that enables engineers from all over the world to collaborate, crowd-source and share skills to solve the most challenging, large-scale design problems. Akselos’ customers in the mining, oil & gas and power systems industries are already reaping the benefits of this revolution in simulation technology.

Audio Spotlight, by Holosonics
The world's most prominent organizations rely on Holosonics' Audio Spotlight directional speaker technology to create uniquely personal sonic environments, interactive exhibits, and user interfaces – all without disrupting the sonic integrity of adjacent areas or the quiet tranquility of the surrounding environment. Developed by Dr. Joseph Pompei during his doctoral studies at MIT, the revolutionary Audio Spotlight system creates a tight, narrow beam of sound that can be controlled with the same precision as light. Audio Spotlight technology is used in a wide variety of applications including museums, libraries, offices, reception areas, retail displays, trade shows, retail kiosks, control rooms, and patient treatment facilities. Holosonics is also developing a consumer version for private, noise-free television viewing without headphones, as well as to ""boost" the sound for the hearing impaired without bothering others.

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Machine Learning for the Future: Healthcare, Energy, and the Internet

I will overview recent applications of machine learning to some of society's critical "big data" domains, including healthcare, energy grid reliability, and information retrieval. Specifically I will discuss the following projects from MIT's Prediction Analysis Lab:

1) Stroke risk prediction in medical patients, using machine learning techniques for interpretable predictive modeling. In particular, we build a better CHADS_2 Score.
2) Energy grid reliability in New York City, using point process models.
3) Building the Internet search engines of the future, by "Growing a List."

Collaborators: Ben Letham, Seyda Ertekin, Tyler McCormick, David Madigan, and Katherine Heller
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Startup Talks: Dreamech

Auto service providers (dealers and shops) spend tons of money trying to retain customers. Industrial data shows dealers lose on average 75% of customers after their third year. Auto sales and auto service have been the top two consumer complaints for years. One critical reason is neither consumers nor service providers have real time information on the service needs of consumers's cars. To solve the problem, Dreamech developed a business and technology platform to connect consumers with service providers. The platform consists of a diagnostic device and mobile app for consumers, and cloud server and web CRM tools for service providers.

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Follow the Money: The Economics of the Internet Ecosystem

Users pay for broadband access and pay for subscriptions, but what supports the rest of the ecosystem? The only other major flow of money is advertising, and in fact that money is spread pretty thin, aside from big players like Google. This talk will present some numbers, and explore some of the implications for the future of the Internet.


Startup Talks: Keystone, Hawk

Keystone Tower Systems is developing an advanced manufacturing process for wind turbine towers that will significantly reduce the cost of towers, eliminate transportation constraints, and enable larger turbines with higher hub heights bringing low cost wind energy to many new regions. Today, towers are limited by transport constraints preventing cost effective construction of towers over 100m tall. Keystone’s tapered spiral welding process can produce towers on-site, enabling much larger more structurally efficient towers, reducing steel use by over 100tons per a tower, and producing taller towers, which enable greater energy capture and significantly reduce the cost of wind energy.

Offshore oil production is expanding to deeper and more challenging environments. As seen with the Deepwater Horizon, accidents can happen resulting in an uncontrolled release of oil into our oceans. The response time of existing mitigating technologies can take anywhere from one to ten weeks to arrive onsite, resulting in thousands of barrels of oil released per day. I have developed the method and a machine to stem the oil flow from a failed Blowout Preventer. In the event of a blowout my machine has the potential to close off the well in less than a day.

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Boston Marriott Cambridge Ballroom

Lunch and Startup Exhibit

Startup Exchange

ILP members, many of them Fortune 1000 companies, increasingly want to meet with MIT startups, to scout, to discuss, to partner, to invest, and more. Responding to that need, ILP’s Startup Initiative will boost our current database of near 1000 MIT startups. Going forward, the intent is to provide a web platform to gather real time developments, advertise opportunities and do more but also better matching. We are currently seeking feedback from the wider MIT innovation ecosystem on how we should proceed. There will be a stand at the Startup Exhibit where we can take questions and you can give your input. We're looking for input from both MIT startups and ILP members.

2014 Startup Exhibitors
Avalanche Energy
Cogito Health
GVD Tech
Audio Spotlight, by Holosonics
Keystone Tower Systems
Modo Labs
Sociometric Solutions

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Lunch and Startup Exhibit (continued)


Startup Talks and Panel Discussion: Cogito, Data-Tamer, Hadapt, Luminoso, and Sociometric Solutions

Startup Panel: What’s Next? The Digital Context Beyond Big Data
Moderator: Trond Undheim

There are many candidates for what’s beyond big data, or rather, what big data really means. What seems certain is that we will see a myriad of new or connected systems emerge. They will likely be more customer centric, context-driven, fueled by machine-to-machine or even machine-human-machine interaction, will develop new ways of data curation, personalization, and mass impact etc. Areas of life expected to change dramatically include: work, health, and human relationships. MIT affiliated startups represent a wide variety of approaches. Which systems are of the most relevance to corporate players in the 3-5 year time frame? What’s the best way to capture the emerging trends?

Cogito is a Boston-based technology company that is inventing the future of intuition. We are the leader in providing real-time behavior data visualization and gamification tools for driving more successful customer interactions for enterprise clients. Our lead product, Cogito Dialog, helps telephonic agents listen better, match tone and pacing better and generally sound more empathetic and perceptive by giving them a real-time visualization of how they and how the customer sounds during a call. Today, Cogito’s systems generate significant improvement in customer acquisition, engagement, retention and satisfaction for Fortune 100 healthcare and insurance companies.

Data-Tamer was inspired by the research of leading computer scientists whose work was published at the 6th Biennial Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research (CIDR ‘13) in the paper: “Data Curation at Scale: The Data Tamer System.”

Hadapt’s flagship product is the Adaptive Analytical Platform, which brings a native implementation of SQL to the Apache Hadoop open-source project. By combining the robust and scalable architecture of Hadoop with a hybrid storage layer that incorporates a relational data store, Hadapt allows interactive SQL-based analysis of massive data sets. Hadapt 2.0 delivers the industry’s first interactive applications on Hadoop, via Hadapt Interactive Query; the Hadapt Development Kit™ (HDK) for custom analytics; and integration with Tableau Software.

Luminoso is a cloud-based multilingual text analytics solution spun out of MIT’s Media Lab, providing the ability to quickly derive insights from large amounts of unstructured text. Luminoso’s analytical advancements enable companies to tap into consumer perspective and look at the world more like a person and less like a machine. Luminoso's models allow companies to gain insight into big and small data without the need for dictionaries, ontologies, training, or keywords. Luminoso customers include General Mills, MARS, REI, Scotts, Conagra, and Aegis Media. We have both dashboard and API products.

Sociometric Solutions
Sociometric Solutions creates better organizations by analyzing communication patterns with social sensing technology to drive innovative transformation services. We provide solutions to a wide variety of enterprises, from Fortune 100 mainstays to fast-growing mid-size firms, spanning a number of different sectors. Sociometric Solutions was founded by Ben Waber, Daniel Olguin-Olguin, Taemie Kim, and Prof. Alex "Sandy" Pentland from the Human Dynamics Laboratory at MIT and Tuomas Jaanu from Aalto University in Finland. While it is widely acknowledged that effective communication and knowledge transfer are crucial to an organization's success, these behaviors are very difficult to measure. Surveys and human observers provide biased, limited views into communication behaviors, which is of little practical usefulness for organizations. We focus on measuring real-world social behavior using Sociometric Badges capable of capturing face-to-face interactions, extracting social signals from speech and body movement, and measuring proximity and location of users.

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Startup Talks: Jisto, Belleds, Nodespan

Jisto boosts server utilization in private and public clouds. Jisto addresses the underutilized hardware resources of physical servers (which are typically only 5–20% utilized) and virtualized servers (typically 30–50% utilized), both in private and public clouds. Jisto is able to tap into these underutilized resources that would otherwise go to waste, and seamlessly harness them for redeployment of compute-intensive applications. Organizations using Jisto for their applications can save 75–93% on those applications’ computing costs.

We use LEDs to reduce energy consumption by delivering high levels of brightness, high efficiency, high reliability, and long lifetimes. In addition to energy preservation, we can enrich people’s life with our “Music light”. Home is a place for relaxation and rest, and lighting plays a major role in creating suitable conditions for that. Our “Music Light” offers multiple scenes with different colors and music to create the right atmosphere to match people’s mood.

Nodespan is a SaaS platform that provides unprecedented visibility into customer concerns, issues, and unmet needs in real-time. It also provides customers smart self-help functions, allocates customer support queries to the most qualified representatives, and reduces call times and transfers. Nodespan helps managers understand customers, enables support agents to improve effectiveness by providing relevant solutions, and gives product developers clarity into customer needs. Nodespan integrates with support systems, social media and the public web to help companies better understand and engage customers. A team of three MIT CSAIL PhD students and a MIT Sloan MBA, we have a working prototype, were finalists in the MIT $100K Accelerate, and are in pilot discussions with Fortune 500 companies.
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Enabling Next Generation Wireless Networks: Interference Management, Spectrum Sharing, Indoor Localization, and Beyond

Practical systems offer efficient solutions to the challenges facing wireless communications in dense urban areas. MegaMIMO enables independent devices to act as one humongous MIMO transmitter, delivering 10x higher data rates for WiFi and cellular networks by transmitting as many concurrent streams as the total number of antennas on all devices. Spectrum sharing and cognitive communication leverages the sparse Fourier Transform to sense and decode GHz of sparse spectrum in real-time at low power. New advances in indoor localization achieve centimeter scale accuracy, enabling smart environments and context-aware applications through ubiquitous RFID tracking.
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Startup Talks: Gigavation, WiTricity

Founded by experienced MIT and Harvard alums, Gigavation meets the critical security needs of the increasingly digitally connected world - mobile and device security for governments, enterprises, automotive, medical devices, and infrastructure systems. The recent Stuxnet attack initiated next-generation cyber-attacks that use USB to bridge airgaps. USB allows easy, undetectable data exfiltration, recently demonstrated by Edward Snowden. Despite spending over $100B in 2013 on cybersecurity, companies spent an additional $130B on data breaches, 70% of which occurred over USB. Unlike software approaches, Gigavation’s patented hardware/software technology embeds security and intelligence into USB, Bluetooth, NFC, and other protocols in an invisible manner and cannot be bypassed even with administrative access to the host.

Wireless Energy Everywhere - Highly resonant wireless power transfer, invented here at MIT, is set to transform how we power and charge devices, from mobile phones to electric vehicles to implanted medical devices. Wireless energy means freedom from cords and disposable batteries, and eventually, the ability to never worry about charging again – wireless electricity will be ubiquitous. See WiTricity demonstrate the power of highly resonant wireless power transfer and imagine how you can “cut the cord".

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The Motion Microscope: Revealing What's Hidden in Videos

We have created a "motion microscope"--a simple and reliable processing scheme to amplify small motions in a video, re-rendering them as if they were larger. Like an ordinary microscope, this can reveal a hidden world. We think the motion microscope has many applications, and we'll show motion magnified flows, fractures, pipes, cranes, cars, and people (as they are singing, smiling, and balancing). Joint work with Michael Rubinstein, Neal Wadhwa, and Fredo Durand.
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Networking Reception