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Past Conferences

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2013 MIT Brazil Challenge of Innovation Conference

Thinking out of the box with MIT
May 7-8, 2013

Sponsored by CERTI, SENAI, MIT Professional Education (Education Partner)

In April 2012, Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff visited MIT to promote new initiatives for scientific and technical exchange. Now, in the spirit of that exchange, MIT is coming to Brazil for the 2013 MIT Brazil Conference – Innovation: Thinking Out of the Box with MIT, an event created to provide opportunities for developing and deepening relationships between MIT faculty and Brazilian industry. This year’s conference will feature business leaders from across the country and 11 world-renowned faculty from MIT exploring the latest research and technology in energy, life sciences, material sciences, and digital business, all with an eye on the concept of innovation writ large. How can we foster innovation across sectors? How can organizations large and small respond to innovation from outside and promote innovation from within? And how can academia and industry collaborate most effectively to make innovation work for Brazil?

Fundação CERTI (www.certi.org.br) - Reference Centers for Innovative Technologies - is a private, non-profit institution which has been providing, for 28 years, innovative solutions for different sectors of industry, business enterprises and government. Supporting development and modernization, CERTI Foundation has been using its competencies in structured areas through Reference Centers of Innovative Technologies, working in cooperation with partner entities from Brazil and other countries in specific areas as metrology and instrumentation, mechaoptoelectronics (mechanical design, systems, electronic), digital television, digital convergence (embedded software, software development), strategic analysis, interactive educational platforms, advanced manufacturing, sustainable energy, green economy, preclinical pharmacology, entrepreneurship, innovation ecosystems (technology parks and incubators) and innovation management, working in all stages of the generation of solutions from an idea, concept, scenario or opportunity to a innovative product or process to the market.

SENAI (www.portaldaindustria.com.br/senai/) is one of the five largest professional education complexes in the world, the largest in Latin America. Since its foundation, in 1942, it has already graduated more than 52 million students – among them the ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and many successful businessmen. Each year, SENAI classroom receive nearly 2.3 million people. Distributed all across the Country, its courses train the professionals required for development of 28 sectors and areas of the Brazilian industry, whether young apprentices, qualified technicians, technologists or specialized professionals. Besides the intense education activity, recently SENAI have set a focus on strengthening the competitiveness of the national industry, with the mission to support the Brazilian innovation culture through applied research and technology transfer. Especially the cooperation between industry and applied research will be strengthened by the creation of 23 SENAI Institutes for Innovation to sustain the global competitive environment.

MIT Professional Education (http://professionaleducation.mit.edu) provides short courses, semester or longer learning programs and customized corporate programs for science and engineering professionals at all levels. Taught by renowned faculty from across the Institute, MIT Professional Education programs offer professionals the opportunity to gain crucial knowledge in specialized fields to advance their careers, help their companies, and have an impact on the world.


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Sao Paulo, Brazil