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big urban data
15-16th November 2012

Hosted by Senseable City Lab, MIT

Urban Code will feature leading thinkers in academia, industry and government from around the world for a series of talks that explore multiple dimensions relating to ‘big urban data’.

Over the past decade digital technologies have begun to blanket our cities, forming the backbone of a large, intelligent infrastructure. Broadband fiber-optic and wireless telecommunications grids are supporting mobile phones, smartphones and tablets that are increasingly affordable.

At the same time, open databases—especially from the government—that people can study and contribute to are revealing all kinds of information, whilst public kiosks and displays are helping both the literate and illiterate gain access to it. Add to this a relentlessly growing network of sensors and digital-control technologies, all tied together by cheap, powerful computers, and our cities are quickly becoming “computers in open air.”

As a direct consequence of the their operation, these systems, networks, and devices generate vast quantities of data that are increasingly becoming available in real time. This provides profound new opportunities for exploring the city: how it operates, how urban dwellers make use of the space and how we can ultimately better design cities.

What insights can big urban data provide into ‘wicked urban problems’, and can it ultimately help us address them in a pragmatic manner?

The Urban Code is divided into key sessions that tackle how big urban data is impacting the various facets of urban living: mobility, resource management, energy consumption, environmental impacts and society at large. In each section discussants will deliver Pecha Kucha presentations, followed by a panel discussion that reflects on the broader theme raised by the topic at hand.

Confirmed speakers include:
Marco Bressan (Open Platforms Director, Innovation Center, BBVA)
Assaf Biderman (Associate Director, Senseable City Lab)
Rex Britter (Visiting Scientist, MIT)
Alan Davidson (Former Head of Public Policy, Google)
Emilio Frazzoli (Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT)
Simon Giles (Director of Intelligent Cities Strategy, Accenture)
Marta González (Gilbert Winslow Career Development Assistant Professor, MIT)
Kristian Kloeckl (Head of Real Time City Group, Senseable City Lab, MIT)
Julio Lopes (Secretary of Transportation, State of Rio de Janeiro)
Chris Osgood (Co-Chair, Mayor’s Office of Urban Mechanics, City of Boston)
Jan Piotrowski (Online Science Editor, Economist)
Nimish Radia (Director of Service and Software Innovation and Research, Ericsson)
Carlo Ratti (Director, Senseable City Lab)
Florian Rothfuss (Head of Mobility Technologies, Fraunhofer IAO)
Albert Saiz (Daniel Rose Associate Professor of Urban Economics and Real Estate, MIT)
Saskia Sassen (Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology, Columbia University)
Jeffrey Shumaker (Deputy Chief Urban Designer, City of New York)
Stanislav Sobolevsky (Head of Network and Society Group, Senseable City Lab)
Michael Szell (Senseable City Lab, MIT)
Matt Volpi (Director of Product Marketing, BigBelly Compactors)
Alexandros Washburn (Chief Urban Designer, City of New York)

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ILP Conference location image
Bartos Theater
20 Ames Street
Cambridge, MA
Bartos Theater is the lecture hall located in the basement of the Wiesner Building, E15-070