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2019-20 MIT Corporate Relations
Conferences and Events

MIT Industrial Liaison Program
MIT Startup Exchange

MIT Corporate Relations conferences and events are designed to keep companies in touch with research developments and issues affecting their industries. They provide research findings and presentations by leading experts, as well as choice opportunities to connect with MIT faculty, industry executives, and startup community. Corporate Relations events are open to the public for a fee and are free for representatives of ILP member companies.

Mark your calendar with the following dates for the 2019-20 and we'll update individual program details as they become available.

Sept. 10: Startup Exchange Workshop - IoT: MIT Industry Meeting Center
Sept. 25: Innovation Journeys Conference with Imperial College and BT: London, UK
Sept. 30: SENSE.nano Conference: MIT Samberg Conference Center

Oct. 10: Startup Showcase in Silicon Valley with LG: Santa Clara, CA
Oct. 14: Startup Showcase in Seoul with Hyundai Card
Oct. 16: Startup Showcase in Tokyo
Oct. 18: Beijing Symposium with ZGC
Oct. 31: MIT Citi Conference: NYC, NY

Nov. 7: Madrid Symposium with Fundación Ramón Areces: Madrid, Spain
Nov. 8: Paris Symposium with Bouygues: Paris, France
Nov. 13-14: Research and Development Conference: MIT Kresge Auditorium

Dec. 10: Increased Productivity in the Biopharmaceutical Industry Conference: Boston Marriott Cambridge

Jan. 7: MIT Wuxi Symposium: Wuxi, China
Jan. 23: MIT Startup Exchange Showcase Tokyo: Tokyo, Japan
Jan. 24: Japan Conference: Tokyo, Japan

MARCH 2020
Mar. 18-19: Innovations in Management Conference: MIT Media Lab E14

APRIL 2020
Apr. 8-9: Autonomy Conference: Samberg Conference Center
Apr. 22: Startup Exchange Workshop - Energy with MIT Energy Initiative: MIT Industry Meeting Center

MAY 2020
May 12: Startup Ecosystem Conference: Boston Marriott Cambridge

JUNE 2020
Jun. 2: Startup Exchange Workshop - Operational Efficiency/Supply Chain: MIT Industry Meeting Center

* All ILP Conferences are complimentary for ILP members.
* Download 2019-20 events calendar.


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2019-20 Events Desk Calendars will be mailed this summer.