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One of a Series: MIT Holidays

MIT Closed - Thanksgiving Day

November 22, 2018

One of a Series: MIT Holidays

MIT Closed - Day after Thanksgiving Day

November 23, 2018

Digital Transformation: from AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain and Cybersecurity

November 28, 2018 - February 5, 2019

In a rapidly expanding digital marketplace, legacy companies without a clear digital transformation strategy are being left behind. How can we stay on top of rapid—and sometimes radical—change? How can we position our organizations to take advantage of new technologies? How can we track and combat the security threats facing all of us as we are swept forward into the future?

Who is this Program for?
Professionals in traditional companies poised to implement strategic change, as well as entrepreneurs seeking to harness the opportunities afforded by new technologies, will learn the fundamentals of digital transformation and secure the necessary tools to navigate their enterprise to a digital platform.
Participants come from a wide range of industries and include C-suite executives, business consultants, corporate attorneys, risk officers, marketing, R&D, and innovation enablers.

Machine Learning: From Data to Decisions

November 29, 2018 - February 13, 2019

It’s a common challenge for decision makers: how do we make optimal choices with so many unknown variables? It turns out that business insights come from turning what is unknown into what is known. Using the tools and techniques that facilitate that process is how machine learning can deliver tremendous impact to your organization.

Who is this Program for?

Decision makers across all business and technical functions will gain a practical understanding of the tools and techniques used in machine learning applications for business. If you manage, or plan to hire or manage, a team of data scientists in the future, this program will teach you the frameworks to be a more effective, forward-thinking manager.
Examples from retail, ecommerce, financial services, healthcare, social media, advertising, technology, gaming, and pharmaceuticals are included in this online program. However, participants from all industries and sectors will find these examples relevant.
Functional and cross-functional teams are encouraged to attend together, to accelerate the machine learning adoption process.

One of a Series: MIT Holidays

MIT Closed - Day before Christmas

December 24, 2018

One of a Series: MIT Holidays

MIT Closed - Christmas Day

December 25, 2018

One of a Series: MIT Holidays

MIT Closed - Day before New Year's

December 31, 2018

One of a Series: MIT Holidays

MIT Closed - New Year's Day

January 1, 2019