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Action Plan Development

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Action Plan Development

Upon joining the ILP, our immediate task is to connect with a designated working contact at your company to jointly develop your company’s “Action Plan.” Your primary ILP contact at MIT — called an “Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) — will be assigned to your company based on his/her knowledge and understanding of your industry. Together, you will review and/or define your company’s needs and objectives at the Institute. Whether your desired approach is exploratory and spontaneous, or narrowly focused and structured, the ILP will develop an “Action Plan” that’s right for you.

General objectives of an ILP Action Plan are to:

  • Prioritize interest areas
  • Identify ideal company participants, stakeholders
  • Develop objectives for MIT interactions
  • Schedule specific activities involving interactions with faculty researchers, labs and centers
  • Provide ongoing assessment, advice on next steps

An ILP Action Plan typically calls for managers and researchers from your company to visit the MIT campus several times a year, actively participating in a series of meetings with MIT experts. All interactions are professionally developed and organized by the ILP.

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